Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Isaac's dreaded Iron

At Isaac's 9 month check up they tested his iron and it was LOW. :( We spend the next six weeks making sure he had BEEF at least once a day to try and bring those numbers up. Last Thursday September 8, 2011 we had his follow-up appointment and to our dismay his iron was even LOWER. It was such a bad morning. After rushing Oliver to preschool and rushing back to pick up Isaac, on the way to the pediatrician I got into a little fender bender. There was no damage to either car but it was still nerve racking. Then to have to doctor tell me his iron was even lower. I was on the verge of tears. I had to take him directly to the outpatient lab at the hospital for some blood work. That was awful. They stuck him THREE times before they drew any blood. They were doing a more accurate hemoglobin test and testing for lead poisoning. The pediatrician called back Thursday evening to let us know that his iron was a bit higher from the blood test. It was basically at the very low end of normal. So we only need to give him a multi-vitamin with iron each day. PHEW. It will take a week for the lead test results to get back. In the meantime I contacted our landlord to find out how old the house we rent is. Thankfully, it was built in 1981 and they worry about lead in homes built prior to 1978. That is a huge relief. I'm not nearly as concerned as I was about the lead poisoning. Just a little more stress than any mom wants. But a multi-vitamin everyday I can handle if it gets his iron levels up so he's not anemic anymore!

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