Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

I think I'm feeling especially grateful this Easter. I know I just blogged about Isaac but this was the longest week of my life. Wondering how bad, and how much change our life might be taking in the all to near future. I'm so grateful that it will be resolved without any changes (except an added vitamin D supplement and lots of time outside!) But I am also thankful to know that because of my Savior, Jesus Christ I will return to my Heavenly Father again someday, and no matter what happens to my family we will all be together again.

This Easter is pretty low key for us since Berto is working. Yesterday (Saturday) morning we did a very small little Easter egg hunt for the boys. It was fun. Isaac really could care less! He didn't want to hold his basket and he kept throwing the eggs down to crack them open, putting a piece of candy in his mouth and then saying "EWWWW!" It was hilarious! Oliver was an old pro and couldn't wait to get to all the eggs. I purposely hid two at each spot so Oliver could take one and leave the other for Isaac as he ran on ahead!

This morning I actually forgot that the Easter bunny had come. So after Oliver woke up and we were starting to get ready for church he comes running into the bathroom yelling "THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!" It was funny. Then he ran back to the living room and grabbed the two Easter baskets! Instead of a ton of candy I put one candy and some Thomas the Train fruit snacks in their baskets. Isaac was SO excited for the fruit snacks, but I think he was more excited that they were Thomas the Train snacks. He kept saying over and over again "It's a choo choo!" So cute! It was a fun morning. After Church we raced home to scarf down leftovers because there's not enough time to cook anything after church before Berto has to run out the door. And now the kids are sleeping! Yay for naptime! It was a good, quiet Easter Sunday! It's days like this I kind of wished we lived closer to family. Holidays get a little lonely, especially when Berto works a lot of them!

Happy Easter from the Galindo's!

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