Monday, April 16, 2012

So grown up!

Today I had one of those moments when I realized how fast time is flying by and how grown up my boys are already becoming. Especially my sweet Oliver has become so grown up. He has never had trouble walking up to another kid (of any age) and making an instant friend. He loves other kids, he loves to play and run and laugh.... but he has always been very shy around adults. If an adult talks to him he hides his face and tries not to make eye contact. Even our pediatrician has asked probing questions because Oliver has never said a word in his office. Today Oliver got an airplane he's been wanting as a reward for something that he earned. When we left target after buying it we had to make a quick run into home depot. While we were in home depot Oliver walked right up to two of the employees and told them all about his airplane. I was astonished. He has never willingly spoken to an adult other than family in his life. At church last year it took him 7 months to say "HI" to his Sunday school teacher. This is huge for my little man. I was so proud... and when we were walking out I said "you sure were telling every one about your airplane!" He replied, "No, I only told two people and I want to tell five!" Haha, love me sweet grown up Oliver boy!

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The Player Family said...

Love that he sets goals for himself. too cute!