Thursday, April 05, 2012


Over the past month Isaac has had several episodes where he randomly vomits. Sometimes it's one isolated incident. Sometimes it's twice and sometimes it's several bouts of vomiting in a day. Last weekend he had an episode on Saturday and Sunday, so I finally decided it was time to take him into the doctor. This just didn't seem normal to me.

So first thing Monday morning (April 2nd) I called and got him an appointment to see our pediatrician Dr. Carter. He was basically stumped but was leaning towards the possibility of some kind of blockage (probably poop) that was making it difficult for the food to digest and causing bouts of vomiting or possibly a food allergy. So he gave us some lab orders and sent us to Primary Children's Hospital for X-rays of his stomach and a blood work up to test for some possible food allergies. (Celiacs disease Milk allergy and Egg allergy). Monday evening he called to say the X-Ray looked normal so now we were just waiting for the results of the blood tests.

On Wednesday morning Dr. Carter called to let me know that one of the tests came back and that Isaac did not have celiacs disease. BUT there is an enzyme found in the liver and the bones (which thanks to Dr. Google is called alkaline phosphatase) and his is elevated by 5%. This means we needed to head back to primary children's for more blood tests to rule out a few things. The doctor is pretty certain that Isaac has what is called Transient Hyperphosphetatemia. If this is the case it is benign and he'll basically grow out of it in 3-6 months as the enzyme levels drop and he'll just need to be retested. We just need to rule out (by blood test) other possibilities. (which also thank you to Dr. Google and NOT Dr. Carter because he didn't want to get me worked up unnecessarily could be liver or bone disease but we're really hoping it's not anything other than transient hyperphosphetatemia.) Doctors don't know what causes TH but it does go away on it's own. It seems hopeful that this is the case because his enzyme levels are raised 5% and with TH enzyme levels are typically not raised more than 4-5%. We are waiting and praying and hoping that we hear back before the weekend so we don't have to spend the weekend fretting over what might be... We will keep up to date!

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Jean said...

Awww, he's a trooper!!! It's so hard to get poked all the time. I'm praying for you and the family. I know this has been super stressful and scary. Hang in there, and keep me posted!!!