Friday, August 09, 2013

Oliver's Mucocele and Adenoids

Oliver has had a mucocele or cyst on his lower lip for about 5 or 6 months. We had originally decided to leave it alone, but after a couple more months it kept getting bigger and was causing him some discomfort. So we went to see an ENT to see what our options were! We decided to go ahead and schedule a date to have it removed, while we were there we discussed a few other issues. Oliver has always had sleep issues. I've tried several sleep "methods" with terrible results, nothing has worked. He's always been a snorer and with his allergies he gets chronic sinus infections. We decided it was worth getting an x-ray to see if his adenoids were an issue. The results of the x-ray were, that he had definite prominent adenoids. So, on the day that we had scheduled for the mucocele to be removed we decided we would do the adenoids as well. The procedures went well. The entire surgery took about 30 minutes. It was super fast. Oliver was pretty nervous the morning of and was definitely scared when they rolled him away. It was heartbreaking for me. After just a short time they came to get us to see him. Oliver was quite hysterical and it took a good long time to calm him down. But he did calm down. The only "complication" he's had is that he chewed out the stitches on his lower lip. The doctor said the lip should heal fin on it's own and we determined he was probably likely to chew the stitches out again so we left it unstitched. There hasn't been any bleeding or anything. As far as the adenoids go, the doctor said after surgery that they were quite large. Oliver hasn't been snoring as loud, but I'm sure it will get better as any inflammation goes down. He hasn't been in any pain at all. It's been great. I was so worried. The only issue we are having is trying to keep Oliver from running, jumping or being a maniac (which he is). For 10 days we have to keep him from doing any of those things, to keep the clot from coming out where the adenoids were. So we are trying to be creative, but so glad we are on the road to hopefully getting Oliver more sleep and an all around better quality of life.
Waiting to see the ENT! There's the cyst!
Waiting for surgery to start!
In the recovery lounge!
Resting at home!

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