Friday, August 09, 2013

Pioneer Day

Every year on the 24th of July we celebrate (here in Utah and LDS people around the World) Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is when remember the Mormon Pioneers that crossed the United States and settled right here in good old Utah! In Utah there is a parade every year on the 24th of July. This year our ward was in charge of the float for our stake. Oliver and Berto were able to go and help paint the primer on the float! Apparently, each ward has the opportunity to do this once every 40 years. That made this a once in a lifetime opportunity!
We went to the Expo Center in Sandy, UT to check out the finished floats on July 23rd! Oliver loved seeing all of the floats, but especially HIS float! We also, on a whim decided to hop on the train and ride into Salt lake to watch the parade. We had a blast. We found a spot right at the start of the parade where the floats were lining up! It was great because there wasn't any crowd! It was so much fun! I'm really glad Berto talked me into it! Here is a pic of Oliver in front of HIS float! I love the set up of this shot with the Salt Lake Temple in the background!

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