Friday, August 09, 2013

What Isaac did while we were in surgery

We have been so lucky to make so many wonderful, amazing friends here where we are living now! We have so much fun with all of our neighbors. We have made friends for life. Of course, when they found out what was going on with Oliver we had so many people asking if we were in need of anything. I had been planning on having Berto stay home with Isaac while I went alone with Oliver to his surgery. My friend Jesse offered to watch Isaac. It ended up being such a relief. I was a nervous wreck about Oliver so I was grateful to have Berto there with me. It was such a wonderful blessing to know that Isaac was perfectly happy, safe and in great hands! Jesse and Lincoln took Isaac to the park and to storytime at the library. They had so much fun! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jesse for taking that stress away from me!

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