Monday, July 07, 2008

Almost Walking

So Oliver is getting around quite well these days! He makes his rounds around the coffee table and anywhere else he can manage! It's pretty darn cute! He's also starting to get brave... for about a week now he's been reaching for the ottoman from the coffee table and figured out he could grab my shirt and easily get from the coffee table to something else that was just out of his reach... well the fun has begun ... today he let go of the coffee table with both hands and just stood there for a minute until he fell on his butt! Too cute... and a little scary. It looks like I'm going to have an early walker on my hands... he's only 8 months old! Enjoy these cute little video clips!

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Anonymous said...

for sure he will be running by 9 months. so cute. seems both of my kids did the letting go, standing thingy for about 2-3 weeks...then they take off. Good luck Oliver!