Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Summer Fun

Last week Oliver and I went to the beach with my friend Heather and her two kids Paige and Nash! It was a nice day and we had a blast! The weather was just right and Oliver loved digging his hands in the sand. As hard as I tried he did eat a little but it was a good day!

On Saturday we went out to Upland and visited our friends Greg, Carol Ann and Ethan. We always love hanging out with them! They have been house sitting for Greg's parents and had a TON of YUMMY plums and peaches. Oliver went to town when I let him have some plum. In fact every time I tried to pull the plum away so that I could take more of the skin off he'd cry. I think he figured out what those teeth are for! :) He was loving it!


da Bergs said...

Yeah, I found your blog!!! He is so darling!!! Love your blog!

The Smethurst Family said...

How are things? Your son is so cute. Things are going good and yes I am pregnant again. It was a complete surprise. Danny and I thought we were done and I gave all of the stuff we are not using for Ava away. Amber's due date is the day before mine.. Crazy..