Friday, July 11, 2008

Oliver's First Girlfriend

So our friends Mike & Jera had a little girl just a couple of weeks after Oliver was born. Jera and I have been planning their wedding ever since! :) I got a couple of cute pictures of them playing at the park this past week at our weekly playgroup! They really don't even interact hardly but it's still so cute to see them sitting there together!


Anonymous said...

Is this Jera Merrills little girl? They make such a cute couple! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Arizona...from one hot zone to a hotter zone! Well, I hope that it will be a good move for you guys. Your little man is such a cutie pie! Catalina is moving home in about 2 weeks. She is moving home for good. You should contact her, I'm sure she has an interesting story to tell you. To be honest, she could use some good influences in her life.