Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ode to the Letter Factory

So my good friend Carol Ann told me about this amazing DVD called the letter factory, and my friend Heather happened to buy it for Oliver. For those of you who don't know what the letter factory is, it is this amazingly wonderful little movie that teaches kids the alphabet and one sound that each letter makes. It's geared toward ages 2-5 but when we were getting packed I was desperate to distract Oliver in any way I could. Well, Oliver will sit down (something he doesn't do often since he walks now) and he will watch the entire thing. He also frequently repeats the sounds of some of the letters. I LOVE the letter factory! It is awesome and I'm so proud of my little one for already picking up on the sounds of the letters!!!


chrisnbarbie said...

Hey there, just happen upon your blog, what is so interesting is that my wife and I just had our 3 year on the same date, we live arizona and we have a blog with our family and newborn on it.....chris

Derek & Kelli said...

hey you... sent an email to ya b/c we will be in az in a couple of weeks. just not sure where you are and if we can get together. let me know... and sounds like the move went pretty good. it took us a week to get from oh to ut... LONG drive and too many kids in one car:) but we survived and all was well. look forward to hearing from you. and can't wait to meet berto and oliver:)
all our love
derek and kelli and all the kids

Derek & Kelli said...


one of derek's favorite desserts is bread pudding too... we thought that was fun:)