Monday, October 20, 2008

We've moved

Well Saturday was our big move. Berto and our Elder's Quorum loaded up our Uhaul and Berto was off to Arizona. Oliver and I stayed behind for a few hours and at about 6:30 pm we hopped in the car with my mom and set out on our journey.

Berto's drive was smooth. He got in around 7:00 pm and they unloaded the truck in about an hour. My mom and I had a bumpy ride. We planned to leave later so that Oliver would sleep... well he did sleep in between a lot of crying. Three stops and six hours later we arrived at about 12:30 am.

Thankfully we are safe and sound, getting settled in and enjoying the time while my mom is here with us!

We'll be updating the blog frequently! Hope you are all well! We miss California already!

Roberto, Elizabeth & Oliver


Jackson 3 said...

WOW!!! that was quick!! I hope you get settled in quick & like the new place! How exciting!!! definitely keep us updated w/ life in AZ!!

Adeli said...

good luck in AZ, tell your mom "hi"for me!

Kjelstrom Family said...

We will miss you! I am bummed we weren't able to get together before you left. Enjoy AZ!