Thursday, February 26, 2009

SIck Again

So about two weeks ago now (I've been too busy to update) our little neighbor boy brought over a cold bug! It was a nasty one and got Oliver really good. Four visits to the doctor later he's on the mend! After a couple of days with the cold I took him in for another croup sounding cough. He was given a steroid in the doctors office and sent home. It was definitely croup.... by the following Monday (that was Friday) he was wheezing so I took him back in and it had become bronchiolitis. Apparently that is something that only kids under two can get... well that day we had a nubulizer delivered to us and we have been giving Oliver breathing treatments with albuteral ever since. The next Friday we went back in because he was acting like his ears were bothering him and sure enough it had become an ear infection! It's been a fun winter.. lol! Anyway, Oliver has been really good with is breathing treatments. I plug it in right in front of the T.V. and let him watch a movie while he has his treatment. He just sits there and is such a good boy! I'm so glad he's FINALLY feeling better!


hansenfive said...

that's the same one we have. lol. join the club. I was up with Paige last night...she's coughing once again...poor little thing has been coughing for two years. Glad oliver is feeling better.

Team Hansen said...

that is us times two. reagan had rsv and stone has been sick for a month. all i do is give nebulizer treatments all day long. glad he is feeling better.