Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where oh where have I been??

I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I guess there hasn't been much going on with us lately. Oliver is of course keeping us busy, busy, busy!! We are adjusting to Berto's hours and intensive school work and miss him a lot!

These are just some fun pictures. Oliver LOVES to eat cereal for breakfast and his favorite part is drinking the milk out of the bowl! With Oliver's gluten allergies we've had some trouble finding cereal that he can actually eat. We did however recently find some Organic Gluten free puffs that he absolutely loves... I actually do too! =) So we have a couple cute pictures of Oliver eating cereal for breakfast!

The other pictures are from this past Tuesday. It was Berto's day off and we decided to go to a different park. We have one right across the street from us that we go to almost everyday but we decided to take him to a different one. We had fun playing and running around for a while with daddy!

That's pretty much all that's been going on with us lately. I'm running in a little race with my friend Allison on Saturday. Nothing big. Neither of us have ever run a race before and wanted to start out slow. I know myself and if I would have done more than a 3k to start I would have burned myself out and probably wouldn't have actually made it. It should be fun. It's for a good cause too which always makes you feel good!

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Kjelstrom Family said...

I can't believe how big Oliver is getting! I love that picture of him with the cereal bowl covering his face. I, too, am a cereal aficionado and totally remember doing that as a kid. Good luck at your race! That is so cool! I would love to do something like that.