Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and our growing boy!

Today is Easter. We had a lovely day. My mom and our neighbor and friend Jenn joined us at church. It was a nice day. Berto had to work :( so Oliver, my mom and I had dinner and an easter egg hunt at Jen and Sasa's house. It was a lot of fun. Oliver (and I wish I had gotten pictures) even got to get in the pool for a little while. The water was freezing but he sat with his feet in splashing so finally I stripped him down to his diaper and let him stand on the first step in the pool. He was a happy camper! We had a lovely Easter, I was bummed that Berto wasn't able to spend the day with us but it was nice being with our friends and my mom.

Today was also a big milestone for Oliver. Although he's not 18 months yet today was his frist day in nursery at church. (18 months is the age that the little ones are allowed to go to the nursery to play and learn) We teach primary and when we were called our Bishop told us whenever we thought Oliver was ready for nursery he could start attending there. At 14 months I didn't think he was quite ready... but as the months have gone on I finally decided it was just too much on Sundays. We have a VERY rambunctious class and a VERY rambunctious toddler. Those two things just were not mixing very well. So today Berto went to nursery with Oliver. He didn't leave Oliver on his own, he said Oliver was a little clingy for quite a while there. I think for the next few weeks Berto will stay with him and then will gradually start leaving him on his own. When they came to get me to leave church Oliver was all smiles and had made a little project. It was a big day for us! My little boy is just too grown up already. They weren't lying when they say they grow up so fast, I really can't believe how true that statement is and I"m sure it will become more apparent to me as the years pass by.

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Team Hansen said...

what a sweet family, what's with the ghetto Easter basket/grocery bag?