Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our mini-cation to Sedona, AZ

This is Snoopy Rock. If you look at the smaller rock formation on the right (next to the largest one) it looks like snoopy laying on his back with his feet up.
This rock is called Madonna with Child. The Chapel of the Holy Cross was built intentionally next to this formation.
Oliver playing near a fountain in Tlaquepaque.
Oliver trying to escape Tlaquepaque!
Just being cute!
Oliver with Daddy at Tlaquepaque!
Mommy at Tlaquepaque! Yep I was there too! :)
Family in front of some formations at the top by The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

So Berto had scheduled some vacation time over the past week. (He's still on vacay for two more days!! YAY!!) Coincidentally we got our tax return right in time for his time off. We decided to splurge a little. Since we are working towards getting out of debt we don't spend too much on us. We took a little overnight trip to Sedona, AZ. We loved it! We stayed at the Raddison Poco Diablo Resort. Which was really nice, really clean. (which is always what I look for in a hotel). We drove up Monday afternoon, after I finished taking care of our neighbors dog. We ate dinner when we arrived in Sedona at this really yummy restaurant called Quaxaca. It was delicious. Then we checked into our hotel and rested up for the next day. Oliver hasn't ever stayed in a hotel so he had fun running around exploring his new territory!
On Tuesday morning Oliver decided that 5:30 am was a good time to wake up. (YUCK) But since we were up we went outside and looked around, since it was dark when we got there the night before. It was a beautiful resort. Oliver started getting a little too loud outside so we decided to be good neighbors and take him back indoors. Since we couldn't think of anything else to do we got ready for the day and headed out to breakfast. We ate breakfast and spent the day seeing the sights in Sedona. One of the best things we did was took a trolley tour. It was a lot of fun and an easy way to see the sights that we might not have seen otherwise. It was great. We also visited Tlaquepaque. This is a little shopping, dining, photo op area. Incidentally it was designed after a part of Guadalajara, Mexico also called Tlaquepaque which is where Berto's parents are from and the majority of his relatives still live there. It was really pretty there.
When we ran out of things to do in Sedona we headed back down. We stopped in Anthem, AZ at the outlet mall on the way and got a couple of good deals!
We had a great little mini vacation. Sedona is BEAUTIFUL! The red rocks are amazing sights to see. Much like St. George, UT. We really loved it and will definitely go back when we have the opportunity!

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