Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Monday was my birthday... it was my ... 30th birthday. I feel like I've officially left my youth! lol! It was a quiet day. Berto took the day off so he could spend the whole day with me! He got me some much needed make up from Ulta!! It was great! My mom made my favorite lasagna and strawberry cake! Our good friends Jen and Sasa and Berto's parents joined us for cake and ice cream! Jen and Sasa are amazing and got me this adorable pair of shoes... AND a pregnancy massage! I just love them! It feels a little strange to say "I'm 30" now... but of course I don't feel any older! :) The best gift of all was I felt our little peanut move for the first time! Haven't felt it since of course but it was a nice birthday gift! Thank you little peanut baby!! It was a fun day! Thank you every body for making my transition into my 30's so much nicer!!

It's a gross picture taken AFTER I blew out all 30 candles with one breath! :) I thought I'd put it up so you can see how big my baby bump is already... holy cow I know it's big considering I'm only 12 weeks... gotta get feeling better and get exercising so I don't gain a bazillion pounds again this pregnancy! .... Hopefully it's not too late!


Team Hansen said...

Happy Birthday (sorry I never remember anyone's anymore). You look great, don't fight it - the second pregnancy - when your body is already stretched out - makes you look huge early on and only bigger as time goes on. I am not trying to freak you out, it is merely inevitable. Glad to hear you had a fun day, welcome to the old lady club!

hansenfive said...

you look the shirt, one of my favs. :)