Thursday, February 02, 2012

Oliver's 4th Birthday

Our big 4 year old!

On November 4, 2011 Oliver turned 4 years old! Oliver is such a fun energetic little boy! He is so fun to be around! Oliver's favorite thing in the world right now is preschool. He thrives from preschool. He loves the social and educational aspects of it. Even after only two short months he adores it! And I'm so glad! He is still way into cars, trains, airplanes... pretty much anything boyish! We of course officially celebrated his birthday with Isaac and a fun little party two weeks earlier and since we were right in the middle of finishing up our move (really bad timing darn it!) We had a Costco pizza lunch (O's fave) and some cake! And we of course opened presents. This was a funny day. We ate at our dining table in the middle of the living room surrounded by boxes and bins! There was hardly room to walk and we couldn't find our flame throwers or matches so Oliver had to pretend to blow out his candles. But he was so excited to be 4 and get his presents that he didn't care!

We love our Oliver and feel so happy to be his parents!

Oliver's 4 year Stats:
Height: 3 ft 9 inches Tall 100 percentile
Weight: 53 lbs 100 percentile

Oliver has been consistent since birth! He's our little giant and we love him!

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