Sunday, February 05, 2012

Our little SUPERSTAR!

At preschool every couple of months each kid gets a chance to be the star of the week. Last week was Oliver's second turn! Miss Sam sends home a little questionaire and they get spotlighted and get to feel special all week! This time they decorated a cardboard gingerbread person to look like themselves. It's so much fun for the kids!

This is the blurb (with Oliver's answers to the questionaire) that was in the weekly newsletter.
This weeks star of the week is Oliver. Oliver's favorite breakfast is waffles and his favorite song is Jingle Bells. Out of all of the holidays, Oliver's favorite is Christmas. He loves to hop with his Mommy, and his favorite vacation was "when we went to Disneyland and Sea World last summer". Oliver has 4 people in his family, and his favorite treat is candy pizza. What makes Oliver happy is "Santa Claus and LOTS of presents." We love Oliver!

It makes them feel so special!

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