Saturday, April 07, 2012

Isaac Update

Happy Boy outside playing!

I just love this picture of my sweet boys holding hands!

We got a call this afternoon (Saturday) from the pediatrician. Thankfully Isaac has transient hyperphosphatasemia. This is a good thing. This means he will essentially grow out of this in 3-6 months. Based on the two blood tests he had this week he is already showing signs that the enzyme levels are going down. We may have to deal with intermittent vomiting but I'll take that any day over what some of the other outcomes could have been.

The food allergy tests all came back negative. I think we will continue to keep him off of regular milk for now as it does seem to bother him, but good to know that he doesn't have celiac's disease or an egg allergy either!

The other thing that Dr. Carter mentioned this afternoon is that his vitamin D is very low as well. So we will get to work on fixing that issue ASAP.

I cannot even express how relieved I am right now. The past few days have been pure torture waiting and wondering. I am so grateful that my sweet little boy is going to be just fine. Isaac is such a sweet boy. He has brought so much joy to our family. He has this sweet personality and funny sense of humor. We all adore him and are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for sending him to our family. And we are so thankful that he is going to be as good as new in just a few short months or sooner!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement, faith and support. We are truly grateful.

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Team Hansen said...

Glad to hear all is well and you don't have to stress any more. Cute pics of your cute boys!