Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big boy bed, and fun in the sink!

Nothing too exciting has been happening in the lives of the Galindo's. But we have started Oliver in a "big boy bed"... really it's just his crib mattress on the floor in our room for now, but it's a start! I've included a cute video of Oliver jumping on his bed. It was the first time we were letting him sleep that way, and it was a nap. Needless to say there was an hour of jumping on the bed before the nap got started!

On one of Berto's days off last week I was down the street taking care of the neighbors dog and Berto was running out of things to do with Oliver. So he let him play in the sink. There are cute naked pics but we think they may be a little too x-rated for the internet...


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Anonymous said...

that video is so funny. LOL. Good luck with the bed, hope he LOVES it. I'll have to put a lock on Nash's door before we move him out of his crib. :)