Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some fun

Yesterday was one of Berto's days off. We went to Tempe (we were hoping to meet up with an old patient of his who's in town for Spring Training but we didn't end up seeing them :() Anyway, we found this really cool park along what we think is the Salt River but we're not really sure... anyway, it's called Tempe Beach Park. It was really cool. Next time we're going to rent a petal boat and petal around the water! Oliver especially loved chasing the birds and it's very close to the airport so every minute or two there is a plane flying above you and Oliver LOVES planes... so he was in heaven!

Also, Berto's Aunt Alicia has been visiting for several weeks from Guadalajara, Mexico. She left today to go visit some other family in Cali but before she left we snapped a photo of her and Oliver! She's such a sweet lady... and she really likes my cooking! She wanted my recipes! She's too cute!

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