Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So our neighbors Jen and Sasa (who we LOVE by the way they are so much fun!) got a puppy a couple of weeks ago. His name is Ozy. Anyway, they hired me to take care of him while they're at work during the week. It's really a win, win, win situation. I love dogs (and so does my little Oliver), they get someone to take care of him and let him out while they're at work, I get a little extra money, and best of all Oliver gets to play with him and he LOVES it! And Ozy loves Oliver just as much as Oliver loves Ozy! They are a cute little pair. Ozy is such a good puppy. I think he's almost 12 weeks old. He's very mellow and so good with Oliver already! It's so fun watching them play together! Love it!

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Jen said...

We love you guys too! We couldn't do this without you!