Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Texture Aversion Or Just a Picky Eater???

So just after Oliver got his 12 month shots he got pretty sick. While he was sick he wanted to mostly nurse and NOT EAT... well since then we have had quite a lot of problems getting him to eat much of anything. He is still not weened (I'm working on that) and just had his "preferences." I've been noticing that a lot of things that bother him could be a texture issue. And things he used to LOVE (which used to be pretty much anything I put in front of him) he won't eat. For instance raisins, eggs, ground beef, rice noodles (he has a gluten sensitivity so nothing with wheat for him). He'll usually just refuse it and at the suggestion of his pediatrician I usually don't make it a fight at mealtime/snack time. Sometimes I'll just shove something into his mouth to get him to at least try it. If it's most of the things I mentioned above (plus many, many more) he'll just spit them out. Usually he'll keep cereal, chicken, yogurt, applesauce and a few other things in.... it is getting to be quite frustrating for me. I worry that he's not getting the proper nutrition. And he used to eat any fruit or veggie I put in front of him.... now he won't eat most fruits or veggies. Every once in a while he'll eat some but not to often. I don't want to go back to spoon feeding him baby food purees because I don't want to get him back on those types of foods but I'm at a loss. Any suggestions??? I got a food journal so I can keep track of what he'll eat and what he won't and all of that fun stuff so I can take it to his doctor and see if it's an actual problem or if he's just a picky little eater? We're also going to start juicing some fruits and veggies and making popcicles so that he'll at least be getting some of the nutrients from the fruits and veggies in some form... what a stressful time for this mommy!

Anyway, any advice would be welcomed!


Team Hansen said...

Are you still nursing!?!?!?
Here's a tip to weaning...sometimes you have to be a bit heartless, meaning, break him from the boob and he'll get over it, maybe that is partly why he is not so into food right now. I am a one of those tough love moms, but its not for everyone, so good luck!

Team Hansen said...

oh yeah I also forgot to say that stone went through a little picky phase but grew out of it. I think they just do that to stress us out.

Aja Jenise said...

Hannah... our first... had serious texture issues... heck she still does... she gags on cue. anyhow, i felt like i didnt introduce texture early enough with her. amazingly she is not a picky eater... but she does avoid texture with most things... clothing... tactile... touch, play, paste/glue, touching foods... its amazing. so here's hoping he is a picky eater!!