Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

This year Easter is pretty low key for us. Unfortunately Berto is working (as always) and I'm not feeling great so we're not doing much! On Friday we did an Easter Egg Hunt at Berto's parents house with Oliver and his cousin Vandana who is still here for a few days from Spain! The kids LOVED finding the eggs! It was perfect for the two of them! They had a blast! Then they blew bubbles and chased them! It was a perfect afternoon for the two kiddos!

The easter bunny brought Oliver a fun little basket full of books and toys! At the last minute he decided between the egg hunt on Friday and the two other easter baskets he had gotten from friends that Oliver didn't need any more junk! So Oliver's basket this year didn't have candy and it wasn't missed! (Candy was bought we just left it out because he BEGS for candy all day!)

My mom and I are just hanging out today having dinner and watching conference! Should be a nice quiet day spent remembering our Savior for breaking the bands of Hell so we can return to him when this life is finished!

We hope you all have/had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!


The Galindo's

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