Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fixing up the playroom

At this house we have this huge loft upstairs! This is where Oliver and I spend probably 98% of our time! It's huge we have our t.v. up there and this is our "family room" and Oliver's toy room! It had a huge organizational problem though. Olivers toys were all in these big buckets! When we were living with Berto's parents it was convenient because his toys were kept in a downstairs closet and it was easy to pull the buckets in and out so Oliver could play with them. But that was the end of convenience.

One morning I woke up and had this idea in my head! These toy storage bins were my inspiration. I don't particularly like how they look but I liked the idea of them and thought I had to be able to come up with a better (cheaper because they are like $50-$60 bucks retail) way to do them! So I started thinking and looking!

This is what our playroom used to look like (on a good day this is a mild mess). It seemed like I would just get the toys finally all picked up and the whole bucket would be dumped out again for one car or one dinosaur. It was getting ridiculous!

This is our after. It cost me about $60 for BOTH. Which is a savings for sure compared to the toy storage bins. And I LOVE how it looks! And I have two containers that are completely empty and ready for more toys.

Oliver is a funny kid and has a little OCD in him I think. This has totally appealed to him and he plays with his toys more. I think it's because he can more easily see what toys are where. And it's so much easier to deal with the mess. He's been really good about getting one container down at a time and playing with it. Then we pick it up and get out the next! This has been so nice. He's learning to be more organized.. and I'm able to be more sane and not despise toys! :)

I bought the two bookshelves from walmart. They were $15 each! They are sturdy and look nice! I love them! The fabric storage drawers I got from Target. The blue (shorter ones) were in the $1 spot in the $2.50 section! I bought four of them at $2.50 each. The green storage drawers ( can't remember what brand they are) but they were also at target and just my luck were on sale for just under $5.00 each! Bringing my grand total to just over $60 (with tax) for two adorable storage units that look great and are way more storage than I had before! None of my bins are totally full! So we have tons of room for growth! I love it!

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Kori said...

Awesome! Good job, way to be thrifty, and they are way cuter than the other kind! We have bins/drawers from Ikea, and when we originally set them up I took pictures of what toys went in each and taped it on the front...but we've changed the drawers and I haven't updated it. But, very cool!