Monday, April 12, 2010

Natacia Owens- Missing Child

A girl I knew several years ago when I was serving a mission in Wisconsin appears to have run away from home. She left sometime during the night on Friday night. Here is a link with her statistics and a couple of pictures.

The family is asking for all the prayers and support they can get. Also, to keep your eyes peeled. She's been missing since Friday night and can basically be anywhere by now. They don't know that she's actually in Wisconsin any more at this point.

I had lost contact with their family and reconnected with them on Facebook! They are a sweet family. Natacia was a sweet 7 year old and I'm sure she's a sweet 13 year old too. I can't imagine what her mom is feeling right now. I would be a complete basket case if it were me.

Thank you for your prayers and for keeping your eyes open. You never know when you might just from seeing her picture see her.


Here's the link: Natacia is Missing

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DJ said...

That is awful! I'll for sure pray for this family and especially Natacia --- what a horrid feeling for everyone but especially the mother! Wow.
Thanks for your sweet comment and happy bday thoughts for Kinlee.
I hope you get feeling better soon. I am so excited for you to have this next baby! There's nothing better!