Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Too much T.V.....

Since I have been feeling SO crappy Oliver gets to watch A LOT of tv. I'm glad he is cooperative and there are tons of shows that he can watch and actually learn something so it's not just mind numbing crap. BUT I still feel guilty a lot because I want to be doing more with him than I am... but I just don't have the energy!

Anyway, one of Oliver's favorite shows is Chugginton on Disney. He LOVES "Choo Choo's" and loves the show. For the past few days he's been saying something that sounds a lot like "oh bummer." He uses it in the appropriate context and everything. It's really hilarious... but what's even more funny is I realized today that he's actually saying "Oh Bumpers" which is what they say on Chugginton! It's really funny when he says it. The past few days it's when he asks for more candy and I tell him NO ... then he says "oh bumpers!"

It's really funny... but kind of adds to my guilt for letting him watch SO MUCH tv! But I guess we'll get back to normal in a few weeks when I'm feeling a little more human!

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Sean, Jen, Carson and Addie said...

That is a favorite show around here, too. I love when Carson says 'Oh Bumpers'! I laugh everytime.

I'm guilty of the same thing. While I am working, Carson watches a lot of TV!