Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aquarium and Big Cottonwood Canyon

We've been enjoying all of the inexpensive and CLOSE family/kid friendly things to do here in UT! So we've been going a little overboard with activities. I think we've felt so deprived living so far away from everything that we're trying to get it all out of our system!

On Monday (Berto's day off) we went to the Aquarium! I was so excited! I knew Oliver would love it and he did! It was a great time! After we left Oliver conked out in the car (it was naptime) so we decided to head up big cottonwood canyon for a little drive! We've it was BEAUTIFUL!! We loved it! Oliver woke up during our drive and LOVED driving in the mountains and loved looking at everything. He would've been down for an impromptu hike... if only his big ol' pregnant mom had worn the right shoes! :)

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