Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fourth of July Celebrations!!

(This is a horrible picture but we rarely end up with one of all three of us I had to post it anyway!)

On Saturday after we picked Berto up from work we headed over to Sugarhouse Park to watch their fireworks! We took a blanket and got ourselves seats on the grass! It was a neat park and there were TONS of people!! Oliver took every opportunity to run around and wear his dad out up until the fireworks began! Just before they started Berto grabbed us some yummy ice cream and we enjoyed some of that while we watched the fireworks!

This is the first year Oliver has really gotten to see the fireworks! His first 4th of July he was 8 months old and by the time the fireworks came around he was a mess so we took him home. Last year he conked out in the car while my mom and I (Berto was working) were on our way to try and watch them in Arizona.

We'd been hearing fireworks for a few nights before and when we dropped Berto off on Saturday morning at work he told Oliver when we pick him up that evening we were going to watch the fireworks. Of course I heard nothing but "mama, when sun going down so we can watch fireworks??" ALL DAY!!!

Well the fireworks did not disappoint Oliver! He loved every minute of them! He was saying the cutest things (I can't remember exactly what he said)! And kept pointing and smiling and laughing and yelling! It was so much fun to see the joy that the fireworks brought to our little boy!!

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