Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dino Museum

Waiting to meet up with our friends! (Nice face Oliver!)

The crazy boys! Oliver is the youngest! But look how tall he is!

Digging in the mud!! I think this may have been their favorite part!!

Digging for fossils... another crowd pleaser!!

The moms! We had so much fun catching up! It was like we just went to lunch last week not years ago!!

Today was the best day!! Oliver and I met two of my dear friends from high school (who I haven't seen in YEARS) at the dinosaur museum! We had a blast! The boys were all born the same year (I'm pretty sure) and they all had a blast too!! It was a great day!

Thanks Jen and DeDe!! We had a great day!!


Sean, Jen, Carson and Addie said...

We had a great day, too. It really did feel like we got together last week and not forever ago, didn't it? I loved that!

Super Mom Mom said...

We had fun too! =) I am so glad you invited us. Next time I'm in Utah I will let you know! (It probably won't be till next summer, but we'll see)