Friday, July 16, 2010

Two year old trials and finger painting

Since moving to Utah we've done A LOT! We've been enjoying having so many options so close by! It's been wonderful! This week has been no exception! Since my first trimester was so difficult and Oliver and I basically just sat around the house for four months, I decided when we got here that we'd do something fun together every morning after we drop Berto off at work. Most mornings we go hang out at a local McDonalds playland! He LOVES it! We call it the inside park and he loves to play with the kids. We were there a few days ago and there were some frustrating kids (who's parents were of course not doing their job). One little boy was into pushing and another one thought karate kicking was a good idea. Oliver handles things pretty well. He just gets up and walks away usually. (Sometimes he hits back but what can I say?) He's pretty good natured and doesn't cry or get nasty. One thing that Oliver does do is hit, but it's not to be mean. He gets SO excited to play with other kids (especially girls) that his hands start going and he "hits" the kids. It isn't hard and it isn't meant to be mean but it happens. We try time and time again to teach him that hitting is not ok, and are trying to figure out how to make our words sink in. Today we went over to Mc Donalds after dropping Berto off. There was one little girl who was probably 4 or 5 and her little brother who was probably 1. The little girl was so happy to play with Oliver... until a couple of other kids showed up. They were all four playing together fine until Oliver got over excited and hit the new little girl on the back. (I am not an irresponsible parent and I keep a close eye on what's going on and saw everything that was happening). I got up to have him say sorry and to remind him not to hit... WELL the first little girl comes up to me and starts saying that Oliver was hitting, kicking and pushing her. I was at the end of my rope and decided that it was time for Oliver and I to leave. I had him say sorry to the little girl he did hit and we left. Not without a fight of course. It was such a disaster. Oliver screamed his little heart out and balled his little eyes out. I guess I don't know exactly how to handle those situations. We're trying to teach Oliver what is acceptable but then he of course has the behavior he learns from all the other little kids... and then the nasty little kids that make up stories. I know this is going to be an ongoing battle of parenthood ... but any advice? What should I do? I know Oliver is only two and his behavior is completely normal and that part of the issue is kids think he's older because he's so tall and they don't really understand why he still acts like a younger kid. Anyway, once Oliver calmed down and we had a little talk I decided to do something fun at home with him...

So we attempted FINGER PAINTING!! We do art projects from time to time. And we've used paint... but I've always used paint in a very controlled environment because I haven't wanted to worry about a huge mess... well today I decided to get a little crazy and let him just go at it! Oliver had a BLAST!! We spread a big blanket out on the floor and I stripped him down to his pull up and he went crazy! He had a blast! He painted pictures for all of his grandparents, aunt Lianna, uncle Donnie and of course daddy! What fun we had... and clean up... well he just got his bath a few hours early!

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