Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay, so Oliver is becoming quite a chatter box! FINALLY!! He's so much fun! He is trying so hard to speak in sentences. Sometimes we understand everything he says... ans sometimes we hardly understand a word. I'm sure this is typical! Today he totally said a complete sentences it was so cute he said "mama, open bag of cereal! I loved it!

Also today he grabbed these two trolls (pictures above) that I am pretty sure we've had since my sister was a kid and now somehow we have them. Anyway, he brings them to me and points to their butts and says "mama poo poo chotky?" I have know idea what chotky is (that goes back to the sometimes we have no idea what the heck he's talking about) but I found it HILARIOUS that he made the connection between their butts and his own! I guess (even though he's not fully potty trained) at least from all the potty talk we do he at least understand the function of a butt!

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DJ said...

Haha---I love it---that is hilarious! He's so cute! And I love this stage when they are learning so much and being able to vocalize it.