Monday, March 29, 2010


It took Oliver a while to really get into talking.. now we can't shut him up! We love it though! He is such a clown! He has the most fun personality! It's kind of funny Oliver is actually a little shy I think. He is such a clown for us but when we're around new or even just people we haven't seen in a while he gets completely shy and quiet and tries to hide. His usual trick for "hiding" is to put my hand in front of his face so he can't be seen.

His recent things that just crack me up:
1. When I ask him if he wants a Quesadilla (one of the few things he'll eat frequently) he says "ok mama, dilla (dee-ya)."
2. The other day I was making him a quesadilla and he was making sure I had all the ingredients out. "Mama, where tilla (tee-ya or tortilla)?"
3. Lately he says "ok mama" or "no mama" about EVERYTHING.

We frequent the library but Oliver has been uninterested in letting us read to him.... until last week. Suddenly he loves "storytime in Oliver's room" and begs us to read him "story books." I am so happy. I LOVE to read and have wanted him to enjoy reading as much as I do! And he is finally grasping that! He grabs every book he can find and adds them to the pile in his room. We've started story time 30 minutes before bedtime so that he's going to bed on time and still gets his fill of books!

One of his favorite books is a Thomas The Train book that plays music. (Most of the books are just plain old books this is one of the exceptions). He jumps off his bed and starts dancing to the song that's playing, runs back and pushes the next button and then runs around dancing in his room while Berto sings the words to the songs. That is my favorite time of the night! We have to put that book first so that the rest of story time is wind down before bedtime!

I love this little boy! He's getting so big! I definitely think he understands that a new baby in a few months means big changes. Ever since I became pregnant he has become the most clingy kid EVER. He wants to sit in my lap (with toys) and snuggle most of the day. I am having a hard time getting him to play with his toys or give me any kind of personal space. I'm loving this time with my boy... but at the same time I could use a few inches of space!

He is just so much fun though! Love, love, love my Oliver Cole!!!

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Derek & Kelli said...

It's so cute to hear them talk. Our Abbey likes to say "scuze me" when she gets the hiccups! Totally makes us smile!