Sunday, March 14, 2010

On The Mend... Almost

Oliver and I came home from California last week and woke up the next day sick! :( We both made visits to urgent care (Oliver because it was a weekend evening me because my doctor couldn't get me in) and have been on antibiotics... 10 days later... we're both feeling almost human. Oliver turns out had an ear infection and was put on antibiotics for the 2nd time in his two years. I had a lovely sinus infection and was also put on antibiotics. We're both still a little congested and have little coughs... but we're both REALLY looking forward to not being cooped up in this house. I for one am super stir crazy and need a couple of days out of the house!!

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DJ said...

I'm glad ur feeling mostly better --- it sucks to have a nasty cold sinus problem....sorry you've been suffering from all that! Uggh. I still have a cold that I can't seem to kick! And on top of that had an ovarian cyst burst the other note as you saw on my blog. That was beyond awful. Yuck! Get better you two!