Friday, March 05, 2010

Out most recent trip to Cali- Goodluck Sis B.!!

We just spent a week (well Oliver and I did Berto spent 4 days) in Cali again!! It was super duper fun! We made another trip to Disneyland. This time my mom came along as well as one of my bff's Rebecca and her little boy Cameron AND one of my mission comps Robyn and her two kids Stone and Regean! It was a fun day!

The purpose of our trip was to spend some quality time with my little sister and hear her farewell talk at send her to the airport! She's all checked in now at the MTC! We are going to miss her tons and tons but are so happy she has chosen to serve the Lord for 18 months!! She's going to be a great missionary!

We had a great time! Also while we were there we had the chance to do a little family pictures shoot with my brother! That was fun! (The header picture on the blog is one from that day! ) We're waiting for more of the pics and will post those as soon as they are up!!


DJ said...

Sounds like a fun trip! And congrats to your sis. She's an Awesome girl, I already know that cuz she's YOUR sister and she's choosing to serve the Lord as a missionary! I love it!!!!!
Your family pix are great. What a darling family! Your bro is a very talented photographer...I looked at his website and was very impressed.

hansenfive said...

why are your pics so tiny? big em up! I like your new family pic, let me know when the others are up on Donnie's site.

Sean, Jen, Carson and Addie said...

I love your new header! Super cute!