Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July Week

This fourth of July week has been surprisingly busy! We had our fun lunch with the girls from my mission, my mom made a last minute trip and my oldest friend Rebecca and her little boy Cameron were visiting!
On Tuesday after swimming lessons, we headed down to Orem and swam for a few hours at Becca and Cameron's hotel! It was nice and refreshing and of course always a blast hanging out with my forever friend! After swimming we raced home with the car so Berto could go to work! (He was working some overtime) Berto picked my mom up from the airport on the way home!

On Wednesday, my mom came with us to swimming lessons, then we went grocery shopping and let the kiddos nap! We decided it was a good night to drive Berto to work! It was so hot .... To hot for our usual playtime outside, so we went to city creek and temple square instead!
Thursday morning we went to our wards pancake breakfast, and the kids participated in the bike parade! Isaac had been having a hard time pedalling his bike since we got it, and Berto figured out his seat was still too high! So once he fixed that problem, Isaac was a pedalling machine and did great! So fun watching my boys have the time of their lives lapping the church parking lot with all of the other kids!
After the breakfast we did a little shopping! And let Isaac take a good nap!
Then after we made some yummy bunless guacamole burgers with canteloupe and watermelon on the side, and smores for desert, we went to watch fireworks! Lucky for us we live a block away from where the Holladay show is and just walked to the corner and sat on the grass at the library!  Such a fun day!
Saturday we headed back down to Orem and took Uncle Donnie out to lunch and a movie for his 31st birthday! We had a fun afternoon at Olive Garden and then watching Monsters University!
On Sunday morning we dropped mom off at the airport. It's always a bummer when company leaves! Oliver gets especially sad. He cried the whole way home and kept saying in his most sad voice "I'm going to miss Grammy" and "Can't we go with her?" It broke my heart! He is such a sweet, tender boy. I hope he will always have a big, loving heart!
It was a fun and crazy busy week!

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