Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little things I don't want to forget

The boys are growing up so fast! There are some things (especially with Isaac since he's younger) that they say, that I don't want to forget! Isaac:

Olvo = Oliver, he now says Ol-i-ver
Yog Yog = Yogurt
The eyebrow nod. When Isaac nods he barely moves his head, but raises his eyebrows up and down. It is so darn adorable!

On August 9, 2013- As I was putting Isaac to sleep, he lifted up his shirt and was looking at his sunken chest. He said "mom, my tummy is broken!" It was so cute, but I hope he doesn't ever feel self conscious about his little chest cavity!


For some reason Oliver started saying "I'm drinky" when he's thirsty. It's so random! We correct him, but secretly love it! He's starting to use it less and less...

Oliver has a sweet, sweet heart. (As I'm typing this my boys are climbing over me fighting and calling each other poops... ) Seriously though, we have some friends that are moving to Alaska in a couple months. The dad left yesterday to start work up there and will be gone until the move! We saw them this morning and Oliver asked if Lincoln (their little 22ish month old) was going to be sad because his dad was gone. I said he might be a little and suggested he be extra nice to little Lincoln. Then Oliver said "maybe my dad can be his dad for a while?!" This is a huge gesture of love. Oliver cries nightly at bedtime because he misses his dad while he's working at night. I explained it didn't really work like that, but that I thought that was the nicest thing he could've ever said!

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