Saturday, July 13, 2013

Potty Training a Necessary Evil

Well, it's Isaac's turn for the dreaded potty training! He's been showing signs of readiness for quite a while, this just happened to be the first week where we could lay low and not have to go out of the house too much!  We have had his bribe toy for a few weeks and are stocked up on apple juice and potty treats!
Day one was suprisingly awesome! We didn't have any accidents AT ALL! He willingly sat on the toilet each time we prompted. And although most of those times he didn't go, when he needed to go he told us, ran to the bathroom and took care of business without help!
Day two was a bit of a nightmare, with 4 accidents and 4 successes... I found myself really hoping it would all sink in by day 3!
Days 3 and 4 were perfect! Isaac even went to a superhero party at preschool for two hours on day 4 and stayed dry, and mom wasn't there to remind him!

I think it's safe to say say Isaac is potty trained! Sianara diapers!

I am a huge fan of the sticker reward chart! If you come up with the right prize it makes it all worth while! Isaac was desperate for this ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I sweetened the deal (for my own sanity, hoping to avoid some fighting) by adding a captain hook boat and a couple extra figurines!

Ah, sweet success!

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