Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Mission Friends for LIFE

I never knew how much serving a mission for my church would impact my life FOREVER! Not just all that I learned as a missionary, but also in the friendships I have made that will literally last a lifetime. On Monday, July 1st I dragged my family down to Culvers in Lehi, UT to have lunch with some of my dear sweet mission friends! Dawna Jensen (Sister Fredricksen) was passing through Utah and arranged a get together! It was a blast! Several of us live in Utah and we were able to have such a fun lunch and even our mission presidents wife Sister Clifford made it! I love that we all just pick right up where we left off! It was like no time has passed. I've seen a few of the girls several times since we've lived here in Utah, but I hadn't seen Dawna since I left the mission 10 years ago, but you would never know by the way we all just blabbed and chatted. It was as if no time had passed! I love friends like that! We had a great time! Dawna was so sweet and brought all of our bruiser boys Canada footballs! Thanks for thinking of us Dawna! Hopefully you'll be back sometime soon!!!
Apparently we were too crazy for Oliver and wore him out!

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