Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lost Tooth... literally

On June 30, 2013 Oliver lost his FIRST TOOTH! It had been wiggly and loose since May! That morning I thought it would be coming out any time! Well, after church Oliver was in the bathroom taking care of business and he yanked that sucker out! ... Unfortunately for all of us he didn't tell us until he had dropped the tooth into the toilet! So we never even got to see it! But together him and I wrote a not to the tooth fairy explaining the situation and Oliver drew a picture! The toothfairy was lenient and left him a dollar under his pillow! Oliver woke me up at midnight to show me his money and to let me know she had already come! He was so excited to have a dollar to spend that we made a trip to walmart to spend his toothfairy money all by 8:00 am Monday morning! I have to say I think my Oliver looks adorable sans tooth! :)

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