Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Wind Chime Incident: A teaching experience

A few weeks ago the boys and I were on a walk with our walking friends! We went this one route where there is a little bridge that we have to cross and it end up right next to this house. Oliver ran on ahead across the bridge and ran straight for the wind chimes that this homeowner had hung on a post in their front yard. Oliver had done this countless times and each time I told him not to touch things in people's yards... well this time Oliver ran ahead to touch the wind chime and it broke. With all eyes on us I didn't quite no what to do.... and then it hit me that this would be a wonderful lesson on honesty. So I parked the stroller with Isaac in it and asked our friends to wait for a minute and I marched Oliver right up to the front door! We knocked on the door and I said a silent prayer that this would be a positive experience and that the person wouldn't completely freak out. A beautiful (TALL) woman in her 60's answered the door. I explained the situation (While Oliver cowered next to me). I told her that he had run ahead and touched the wind chime and it had broken and that he was sorry. She looked Oliver in the eye, asked him his name and said "You will go far in life if you continue to have that kind of honesty, Oliver. It is ok that this broke, thank you for coming and telling me." She was so wonderful and I feel like we both learned a powerful lesson this day. I couldn't have asked for a more golden teaching moment! Thank goodness for answered prayers!

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