Wednesday, May 06, 2009

18 Months already...

This past Monday (May 4th) Oliver turned 18 months old. I can't even believe he's so big already! He's getting so smart. He is saying more and more words. He doesn't put any together yet but he is definitely able to identify and say what certain objects are. His favorite's are airplane, bird, ball, balloon, bubbles, dog and puppy! He's getting to be so much fun! We love Oliver and are having so much fun watching him grow!

His 18 month check up was today.... here are his stats!
Height 35 inches- 97th percentile
Weight 36 lbs 4 ounces 97th percentile
Head Circ. 49 cm 97th percentile

Oliver is remaining true to himself and continues to be a big boy... but he's finally starting to level off on his weight and is slimming down! He's so cute though!

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