Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weaning Update... Days 2-5

I'm sorry if you follow our blog and fin this to be completely boring. This is also our little family journal so I want to record these things so Oliver knows what he put me through (jk) ... but really so we can look back and see what I did when we have other kids.

Anyway, so last Saturday was day two. We had another two hour event. It wasn't quite as bad as the first day. He didn't cry hysterically but did do quite a bit of screaming and after two hours was not going to sleep. So I decided to stick him in the car and go for a ride. I could feel myself losing steam so I decided it would be a good idea since we were going to be going out anyway we picked up my mom and headed out.

On Sunday Oliver took a nap during nursery at church. (see the post below) He hasn't been taking two naps lately no matter how hard I try but because he took such an early nap I thought he might be a little tired. I didn't have a fight in me on Sunday and I certainly didn't think I'd make it through two hours again so we decided to go ahead and hop in the car and take a drive. Which was nice anyway.

On Monday day four we went up at noon and turned on a movie. I laid him on his bed and was prepared for a screaming fit. Well he screamed for about a minute and within five minutes he was fast asleep. Yes I felt a wave of relief and was so proud of him and me for sticking to it.

Today (Tuesday day five) was not quite as easy. This morning we went to run an errand in the morning and he dozed off in the car for about ten minutes. I think this kind of threw us off. I didn't try putting him down until 12:30 pm but I think he was still not quite ready because of his little power nap. In any case he didn't cry he just had a few intermitent screaming fits and then a little over an hour later he was asleep.

Monday was such a miracle. I thought for sure it would be at least a week before anything got that easy. Today was a little set back but I know now to wait even longer if he has a little mini nap. I've been putting of the weaning because I just didn't think I had the fight in me. I'm proving to myself that I do but also Oliver is learning to be more independent which is good for him. I'm so proud of both of us. I'm really praying that tomorrow will go smoothly and we'll be able to have a smooth nap time.

Wish us luck!

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