Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Papa Jose

Last night Berto's family got some upsetting news. My mother in laws father passed away. He was a man that loved to work. He was in his 90's and still the family would pool their money together to help him have a property to build a house on. House building was his hobby. His wish was to pass away on his property and that is what he did. As of right now they don't know the cause of death and don't know if an autopsy will be performed. We're hoping there will be one so the family can have closure. He lived a long life and left behind quite a legacy. Him and his wife had twelve of their own children and took in a thirteenth. They have a lot of grandchildren and great grandchildren. I was never privileged to meet Papa Jose. Since Berto and I have been together we haven't been able to afford a trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. Berto is sad that his grandpa passed away but we know he's in a better place. I'm so grateful for my husband and his sacrifices for our family. His parents, aunt and sister hopped on a plane early this morning to Guadalajara in order to make sure they were there for the funeral. Berto is not able to go because bereavement isn't paid at his work and we wouldn't be able to pay our bills if he took any unpaid days. I'm grateful to him for letting me stay home with Oliver especially during this time when I know if I were working he'd probably be able to be with his family during this time. He is such a great man. I am truly blessed.

Papa Jose will be greatly missed by his family. I wish I could have at least met this great man. I know I will someday and I will thank him for raising such a strong family that helped to mold my sweet husband.

The picture above is Papa Jose and his wife Mama Chayo on their 70th anniversary several years ago.

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