Monday, May 04, 2009

A long awaited blog...

I was told last week that I'm not blogging enough. I haven't been in the mood for some reason. Probably because nothing too exciting has been happening in our lives these past few weeks. Let's see... about almost two weeks ago we took Oliver to story time at our local library ... he wasn't a huge fan. I guess probably because he had to sit still! Then a couple days later we took him to the kids club at the mall. He liked this a little more. It was actually a lot of fun. It's an hour of singing time for the kids. And they get a little toy and snack (which Oliver couldn't eat because it had wheat in it) but it was a fun time!

Aside from that. My 29th birthday was on April 26th. We did some fun stuff the Wednesday and Thursday before in celebration. We went out to eat and had some good quality family time. On my actual birthday I caught a stomach flu from my little Oliver and spent the day not feeling too well! And the following week my mom had us over for dinner and my favorite strawberry cake! So aside from the stomach flu it was nice!... I am a little sad to be leaving my 20's in just under a year... but I'm sure I'll get over it!

So this is pretty much it for us! I'm still caring for my neighbors dog during the week and we're gearing up for my sister in law and niece to come for their yearly visit from Spain starting on the 15th of this month! Hopefully I'll have a few exciting things to post soon!

The picture is at Kids Club... I'm pretty sure we were doing the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes" song!

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Team Hansen said...

Happy late birthday - sorry, I never remember birthdays. Sorry you were sick, Olly is a doll (he'll love story time in about 6 or 7 months).