Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pictures with Cousin V

My sister in law Terry and niece Vandana are visiting for the next three weeks from Spain. During their visit last year we started a tradition of having Oliver and Vandana's pictures taken together. Today was the day. We all survived... my sweet hubby ran himself ragged running back and forth through JC Penney's with Oliver while we took our sweet time picking out the shots we wanted to order. There were so many adorable ones. I'm just posting a few from the day. We got the "smiles by wire" service this time so we could save them to our computers and all that fun stuff. So we didn't actually order all of the ones I'm posting... but anyway they are so cute!

Vandana is such a sweet little girl and she LOVES her cousin Ollie. We're pretty sure he likes her too but one can never be sure! :) They are really cute together and standing right next to each other Oliver is just maybe an inch shorter than his almost 3 year old cousin! In the pics he looks a little shorter than that but he really is almost as tall. It has been so much fun with V this year. She's really talkative and SO cute! And every time (no matter what time of day or night) she comes downstairs or into a new room she says "Good Morning" or sings a good morning to you song. So funny and cute! She has a really sweet personality!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

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Gigi said...

Elizabeth!!!!!! Oh my gosh, that little boy! I want to pinch his cheeks and hug him really tight! Sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!