Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nusery Time... the novel!

Okay, so I know I need to just chill out... but I'm so concerned for my little Oliver. Once again he slept through nursery. Last Sunday our ward was realigned and we switched schedules so now we start at noon. I put Oliver down for a nap for a little over an hour before we left for church hoping that he would stay awake. Berto can't attend church with us for a few months until he gets a different schedule so I'm on my own at church with Oliver and our primary class. (I'm most likely going to be released soon... ) So I took Oliver into the nursery before I went to primary and was having trouble sneaking away. He's usually fine if he doesn't see me leave the room. (No matter where we are at home, or church or anywhere I have to sneak away) So I had him playing with toys and kept heading to the door and just as I would get to the door he'd come running behind me to pull me back to whatever he was playing with. Finally I was almost out and he came running but I just kept going. Another mom was in there with her daughter (and she happens to be one of the moms of one of the kids in my class so she tried distracting him) apparently it worked for a little while and he was kicking the balls around and playing with dinosaurs. Then he did his usual and climbed up on a chair and just observed. Apparently he started dozing off while sitting on the chair so the nursery leader laid him down on the floor. At one point my class needed a potty break and the bathroom is right near where the nursery is so while they were going to the bathroom I peaked in on Oliver and that's when I found out he had been asleep. Well he slept for most of the time and woke up hysterical a few minutes before I came to pick him up. He never sleeps like this at home. I really worried that this is some kind of defense mechanism he has and that he's under so much stress being in nursery that his body just shuts itself down and goes to sleep. I know the nursery leaders are glad he's not one of the ones that cries and cries the whole time they're in the nursery... but I'm so worried for my baby boy. I worry about his social skills... but also about what's going on in the inside... am I traumatizing him?? I wonder if I had play dates with some of the other little kids if he'd recognize them and have an easier time? We still haven't gotten to know too many people and him and I pretty much spend our days together with no one else. I know I probably shouldn't read so much into all of this but it's really upsetting to me. I would love any helpful tips our outlooks from you other mommies... I'm such a basket case right now...


Lara said...

I'd give it more time and see what happens. He's really too young for playdates--kids that age don't usually "play" with other kids. Nursery and a new schedule are both big adjustments. Make sure to give us an update!

Elizabeth & Roberto said...

Thanks Lara! You made me think of something I should add. I know kids his age aren't going to interact. I was thinking playdates just so he can get used to being near other kids. Also, we just switched times this week and he's fallen asleep all the other times he's gone to nursery. And I will update!

JenBartlett said...

Elizabeth, I haven't even had my baby yet and I worry about everything. I just got a book called 1001 Things It Means To Be A Mom. It's really reassuring.
Little Oliver (ours is going to be Olivia) is so lucky to have you worry about him. Who else would have such in-depth concerns but someone who loves him as much as you do.
Sure, usually these things work out fine, but I think it's great you are a critical thinker about your little one who you know best.
Mommy Power!
Jennifer Conover (Bartlett)

Team Hansen said...

calm down crazy. He is 18months! Stone hated nursery for 5 months and now he loves it. He is probably just overwhelmed and chooses to sleep. Also, they don't even like to play much with other kids till they are 2 or 2 1/2. You are doing great...relax! Now sit down and write a list of all the things you are thankful for about Oliver sleeping through nursery..this worked well on the mission, remember?

Jackson 3 said...

Oh, little Oliver! He's getting so big actually! I agree to give it time & see what happens. He may just think that Nursery time is Nap Time, since it used to be. He may just need time to adjust to the new schedule. Or, he may be overwhelmed as well. Either way, I think time will solve the problems. He could just grow out of it. And the more he gets used to going to Nursery and the new church time, things will settle down. I'm pretty sure nothing bad will come out of sending him off to Nursery. Also, play dates aren't entirely a bad idea. He will learn how to interact, by sharing, he just won't interact during play. But learning sharing now, while he's still willing, will help cut down on all the frustration when he's older. The extra noise may help to prepare him for nursery too.
Good Luck!
& let us know how he's doing!!!

BTW, he may just be harder for you to put him to sleep cause your his mommy & he's used to you nursing him to sleep. And he prefers that. He doesn't expect that from anyone else. Stay strong, don't give in and he'll learn how to go to sleep with you in a different way, eventually. Trust me it gets better if you stick with it and be patient. Eli definitely tested my patience in that dept. Be consistent. Babies thrive on schedules.